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ESRB Parent Resources Center

Checking the ESRB rating is a great start to being better informed about the games your children want to play, but it's just one tool among many. There is an abundance of resources that provide additional insights into games, apps, devices and how parents can help shape a healthy digital diet for their children. The information in this section helps ensure that your family's interactive experiences are fun and age-appropriate.

What's in the Game

The ESRB rating system is designed to give consumers, especially parents, guidance about the age appropriateness and content of a game or app.

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Setting Controls

Parental controls allow parents to manage their children's video game use. They can be activated to block games by rating, regulate the amount of time your child can play them, disable in-game purchases, restrict access to the Internet and more.

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Online and Mobile Privacy

Setting parental controls is a great first step, but there are a number of additional measures you can take to help protect your children's personal information.

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Quick Tips for Parents

What parents need to know in order to make informed choices about the games their children play.

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Family Discussion Guide

A guide for parents on starting a conversation with their children about the games they are playing and why, and setting appropriate ground rules.

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